Introduction to Docker with .NET - Jakub Jareš

  ASP.NET Core   Docker

In this talk I will show you the basics of Docker, so you can start using it in practice. I will explain the benefits and downsides of Docker and where you would use it. I will explain what dockerfiles, images and containers are and how they can be used to deploy an application.

We will start from zero and end with a working web application that communicates with it‘s backend via an api-gateway. Something that you will likely encounter in most of the applications you will write.

Examples will include docker files, docker-compose manifests, ASP.NET Core backend, Traefik and Vue.js powered web app.

Presentation will be in english.

19:00 - Docker Talk
20:30 - Networking

Jakub Jareš is a senior software developer at CN Group, Microsoft MVP with extensive open source development experience.