BrMo Meetup with AirBnB, & STRV

  Android   DevOps   Java   Kotlin

Join us for the Tech Week Mobile Development Meetup, powered by BrMo ( Engineers from AirBnB,, and STRV prepared the evening of stellar presentations planned just for you! Grab your ticket today and join us

06:00 pm - Doors open

06:30 pm - Meetup

08:30 pm - Networking & Beers


1. Jan Špidlen (AirBnB) - Kotlin: Has Java found its conqueror?

In this talk we'll explore Kotlin, a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with strong type inference. The main focus of this talk will be an introduction to Kotlin basics, comparing Java with Kotlin, and discussing Kotlin future.

If time permits, tips, tricks and pitfalls on how to convert an existing Java project to Kotlin will be demonstrated through examples.

2. Tomáš Mlynarič (STRV) - Flutter - Widgets Everywhere

Flutter is the new buzzword in mobile development. This new framework, developed by Google, allows you to create cross-platform apps with (almost) native performance. Have you already played with it? If not, Tomáš will share with you an introduction to Flutter, show you good and ugly things about the framework and in the end he will compare Flutter’s performance with other mobile development frameworks.

3. Václav Vidoň ( - A Beginner's Guide to Mobile UI Tests

Vašek will present how did mobile automatic UI testing of apps from scratch - which test frameworks did we use, what is our implementation of these tests into CI/CD and what issues are we facing.