Krzysztof Cieślak - State of the union


F# Community has been known for being pragmatic and focused on real-world problems. This is also shown by F# open source ecosystem - from simple libraries, through complex framework or technology stacks, to the tooling - maintainers focuses on the developer and user experience, building welcoming communities and solving people's problems. Over the last few years, the F# open source ecosystem has grown at a rapid rate - new web frameworks, new compilers, support for new editors and new tools have been announced every day... well, maybe every month.

In this talk, I'll give a subjective walkthrough of the F# ecosystem, showcasing some of the best, most interesting and innovative projects that were developed over the last few years - about some of the everyone knows, some of them failed or are not as successful as they should be. I'll share all the secrets behind the success of F# OSS ecosystem, all its failures, and... all the funny anecdotes. I'll also share all my experiences of the maintainer of F# OSS projects - the lessons I wish I knew when I started building the first version of Ionide.


Krzysztof Cieślak

Hacker, Open Source contributor, builds stuff
Chris is software developer, consultant, founder of Lambda Factory( He's author of Ionide(, Saturn(, Forge(, Fornax(, project owner and maintainer of VSCode-Elm( and contributor to many OSS projects. Chris is also international speaker, that tries to convince developers around the world that OSS and FP are good, pragmatic choices for writing software. You can find him on Twitter as @k_cieslak, GitHub - @Krzysztof-Cieslak and read his blog at