Containerized World


Come and join us for another meetup. There will be 2 presentations:

1 Providing a Container Platform in a Growing Multi-Tenant Environment
by Michal Zubáč from Avast

After containers became “the thing” to turn to for deploying applications, having a unified platform for operating them became a necessity. Everybody wants to use containers, and ideally for everything that can be executed. This variability of platform customers and their workload brings its own challenges. Preparing the platform in an environment away from public cloud providers makes you ask questions where no one definitive answer exists. All this being said, it is still worth investing in a platform which greatly improves the ecosystem for DevOps-style cooperation. In this talk, we’ll share our approach and the challenges we're facing.

2 Nomad & Consul: When Kubernetes is too Complicated
by Radek Slavicinsky

Running Kubernetes clusters has become almost-standard in the multitude of ways to deliver a platform for running services. However, the whole ecosystem has become equally large and more complicated to set up and maintain. For denizens of the KISS principle, this approach seems like an antipattern. The Hashicorp guys realized this and took a different approach to solving the problem of providing a service grid. Their toolchain consists of (compared to Kubernetes) small daemons that provide key functionality to the whole platform. You'll be introduced to real-world use cases covering not only the classic "running of service", but also how we use the platform in our development/testing process.