Martin Pinter: Debugging with the scientific method - ReactiveMeetups Hradec Králove

Debugging with the scientific method

Debugging is hard - this is of course known and rather obvious. Still, it is often approached on a mostly hunch-based basis. But we can do better - ideally, we want a system in which we can find our problem every time, and in a predictably finite manner. As it turns out that finding bugs in a large, unpredictable codebase tends to have a lot in common with looking for answers in a scientific research, we can borrow from the ideas and methods of that community to achieve just that. We’ll also talk about making your code debuggable in the first place, and possibly about rubber ducks.

Martin Pinter is an engineer and tech-lead at Vacuumlabs, helping both start-ups and established companies put their products (back) on track. Shamelessly using javascript to build everything from web-apps, through servers, to desktop apps and mobile libraries. Particularly fond of React and Node.js. When not convincing people to write maintainable code, he plays black metal in underground pubs.