PyCon CZ 2019


PyCon CZ is the Czech Republic edition of the well-known and valued PyCon conference devoted to the Free and Open Source Python programming language.

It is organized for the fifth time by passionate members of the Czech Python community, with cooperation and underwriting by, a local non-profit organization that focuses on supporting the Python community in the Czech Republic.

The objective of PyCon CZ is to raise participants' qualifications, overall integration of the Python programmers' community in the Czech Republic and surrounding area, popularisation of new applications of the language as well as to spread good programming practices and exchange of experiences between professionals, novices, students and hobbyist Python programmers.

To get a better idea of what PyCon CZ is about, check out the short promotional video from the first year, or watch last year's keynotes from Van Lindberg, Karen M. Sandler, Sam Trojan, Flavio Percoco and Nick Lang.