Hardware vs Software 'Battle'

‘Hardware’ has been in the top-10 of requested meetup topics for long. And finally the time has come :)

During this last meetup of 2018, we’ll be exploring the challenges in hardware product development and compare that to what we are familiar with; software development.

We’ll meet at one of the coolest companies and places in Prague; Prusalab (prusalab.cz), the maker- and hackerspace started by Prusa Research, the guys behind the infamous Prusa 3D printers.

Program: 18:00 doors open, 18:20 Tour Prusalab, 18:30 Start introductions and discussion, 20:00 Networking, 21:00 End

After a tour and introduction of Prusalab we’ll have 4 great speakers lined up to share their stories in a panel setup and answer any questions during Product Therapy.

* Jeffrey Martin, founder of 360cities (360cities.net) and known for the largest 360 panorama of Prague will share his experiences starting a company building 360 spherical cameras.

* Tomas Turek, CEO and co-founder of Angee (meetangee.com), will share his story building his company focused on home security. We hope to have him joining remotely from San Francisco.

* Paul Dubsky, Founder of VERB Group (www.VERB.cz) and distributor of the Bigbelly – will talk trash ;) – and about why this particular IoT, solar-powered waste compactor is the yard-stick SmartCity solution by which others should be measured.

* Marek Cais, product manager at Microsoft for Microsoft Teams will represent the software world we know so well and will help us explore where the hard- and software worlds meet or collide.

This event will be moderated by Dave Ruzius, product manager Prace za Rohem and host for Producttank Prague #innovation stream.

We’re very happy with LMC picking up the tab for snacks and drinks :). You might know LMC from their recruitment services like Jobs.cz, Atmoskop and their mobile app Prace za Rohem.

Prusalab has more space for machines than for people ;) therefore the number of attendees is unfortunately limited.
Sign-up soon and please please please consider your fellow product friends and only signup if you are absolutely sure about attending and free your spot when you can not make it!